COVID-19 Precautions

Protocols for Health & Safety at Spiritualist Fellowship Church (COVID-19 precautions)

Our priority is the health and safety of all who enter these premises.
**As per Churchill Park United Church: we are required to keep an ATTENDANCE SHEET. This will include name and phone number for every person in attendance each Sunday and any other date we use the church.

  1. People entering the service will be asked whether they have travelled outside Manitoba within the past 14 days. If they have, based on current public health advice, they will be asked to follow the self isolation protocols set by public health.
  2. Anyone who has cold or flu-like illness must not enter the church. People will be told: If you are sick, stay home and isolate per public health recommendations. We will ask people whether they are having symptoms of Covid (we will post the Manitoba Public Health Factsheet for Covid-19 Novel Coronovirus which includes rules for social distancing, hand washing requirements, remaining home if unwell.)
  3. We will provide hand sanitizer at the entrance to the Sanctuary and request that people use it prior to entering the space.
  4. Washrooms will be accessed through the back of the Sanctuary. The lounge will remain closed.
  5. There will be no food or beverages or use of the lounge prior to or after the service or classes. People may bring their own water bottle and water from home. (No other beverages or food are allowed in the sanctuary.)
  6. SOCIAL DISTANCING: Seats will be blocked off to create 2 meter distance between people (Exception will be people from the same household or those who have been isolating together during the pandemic.) No hugs or personal contact. Maintain 6 feet between yourself and others at all times. The Peace Song will be sung with people remaining at their seats. **We must use chairs designated for our use. The other congregation has separate chairs for their use. We will have to place the chairs for social distancing.
  7. Cloth masks or face coverings are encouraged. (paper masks will be available)
  8. There will be no hands-on healing. Spiritual Healers will work to provide healing from at least a 6 foot distance. Chairs for healing will be spaced so that the healers will have the required 6 foot distance between themselves and other healers. **(hand sanitizer will be used instead of the shared water).
  9. Posters and business cards will no longer be placed on tables for people to pick up. We will update our bulletin board with posters for upcoming classes and encourage people to take a photo of the posters on the board or refer to our website.
  10. Collection plates will be sanitized after use and designated people handling the collection will have disposable gloves available and use hand sanitizer or thorough hand washing after cash is handled.

New Protocol Update Effective Immediately (September 28, 2020) as per Provincial Government (Orange Alert):

  • Masks will be worn during all services, classes and special events unless you have a health condition that prevents using a mask.
  • Class size is limited to 8 students, pre-registration is required. To pre-register: sign-up sheet at church or leave a message with name and phone number and class name 204 222-0071.

New Protocol Update Effective Immediately (September 15, 2020):

Churchill Park United Church is asking everyone to:

  • Wear a mask while entering and exiting the building and moving to their designated space.
  • Stay in their designated space.
  • Use the washroom closest to them. 
  • Remind their drivers to remain in their vehicles and not wait within the building. 
  • Keep their outdoor clothing with them.  It is not to be left in the narthex.